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Top Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

Full Time Contract Staff

When you have short or long term needs, special projects, seasonal up-swings, or fill-ins for vacations or illnesses.

 Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

When you want to try the individual(s) out before hiring them. Use them for 90 days and then hire them without any conversion fees.

Top Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

Direct Placement

Hire a candidate directly from us, and pay the placement fee using a sliding scale based on the candidate’s annual salary, or a flat per hour rate. We have some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Top Tips for
 Hiring Seasonal Employees


Hire who you want, when you want and simply transfer your own employees to our payroll. Eliminate or reduce your administrative and payroll costs and minimize your workers comp exposure.

We Are Integrity Staffing Services

Reduce employer liability and exposure to workers compensation insurance and payroll taxes- We are the employer of record. Increase bottom-line profitability and create more time to concentrate on core growth by allowing us to fill key roles and optimize your workforce. Use as a supplement to your HR Department and internal recruiting efforts.

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