Our Annual Open Enrollment is in early December of each year. During Open Enrollment eligible associates may enroll or change existing coverages. New associates meeting the initial measurement period minimum thresholds will be notified during the year when you are eligible for our insurance offerings. The links below provide the summaries and enrollment information you need to participate in our plans that are in compliance with the Affordable Care Act provisions.

The following Open Enrollment Guide provides a summary of the types of insurance being offered. Start by clicking the link below:

2024 Open Enrollment Guide


The next links provide the Summary of Benefits for each plan offered:

2024 Plus PPO 5000 SOB

2024 Plus PPO 1000 SOB

2024 Vantage HMO SOB

If you are eligible, we need you to complete the attached Enrollment Worksheet, EVEN if you’re declining coverage, we need the attached worksheet returned to your ISS Branch office.

2024 Benefits Open Enrollment Worksheet

Optima Enrollment Application – if you are newly enrolling, OR changing existing coverage, you must complete a new enrollment application.

Optima Enrollment Application.pdf

Master copies of all of the above are available for review in each branch office.